A red scarf wrapped around his neck and wearing dark studded leather, the boy keeps to the shadows. His dark clothing is stitched all over, many repairs having been made. With yellow eyes, he stares ahead as you spot the tiny horns on his forehead.

  Name: Zvexyn                             Age: 17
 Class: Rogue (Scout Archetype)         Height: 5'10" 
  Race: Tiefling                        Weight: 154 lbs
  Size: Medium                            Hair: Black with Vestigial Horns
Gender: Male                              Eyes: Yellow Cat Like
 Align: Chaotic Neutral                   Skin: Fair with Scales on Forearms
 Deity: TBD

Languages: Common, Infernal, Gnome

Str: 12 (+1)            Level: 01             XP: 0
Dex: 18 (+4)              BAB: +0             HP: 10
Con: 12 (+1)              CMB: +1            CMD: 15
Int: 10 (+0)            Speed: 30'            DR: 0
Wis: 16 (+3)             Init: +6             SR: None 
Cha:  6 (-2)              ACP: +0     
        Total  Base  Armor  Shld   Dex  Size   Def   Nat  Dodge  Misc
AC:       18    10    +3     +0    +4    +0    +0    +0    +1     +0

             Touch AC: 15              Flatfooted AC: 13

Saving Throw   Total  Base   Mod   Misc              
Fort:            01     0     +1          
Ref:             06     2     +4          
Will:            02     0     +3   -1 (Scarred Soul)        

Weapon                Attack      Damage      Critical     Range

Dagger                  +1        1d4+1       19-20/x2     
  (Thrown)              +4        1d4+1       19-20/x2      10'

Melee +0
Ranged +4

Racial Traits:
    * +2 DEX, +2 INT, -2 CHA
    * Darkvision 60'
    * Celestial Resistances: +2 Saves vs. Acid, Cold, Electricity
        (Infernal Bastard Trait)
    * Cast Open/Close At-Will
        (Infernal Bastard Trait)
    * Fiendish Sorcery: 
        Tiefling sorcerers with Abyssal or Infernal bloodline treat Charisma score 2 points higher for all sorcerer class abilities

    * Infernal Bastard: +2 on saves vs Fire/Cold/Electricity, Gain 0 level spell at will, lose racial abilities
    *     Scarred Soul: +2 Initiative, -1 Will Saves
    *     Armor Expert: Armor Check penalty reduced by 1 to minimum penalty of 0

Rogue Scout Class Abilities:
    * Sneak Attack +1d6: Extra dmg against foes denied DEX bonus or Flat Footed and not concealed
    *       Trapfinding: Rogue adds 1/2 her level to Perception checks for traps and Disable Device checks

    * (Lvl 01) Dodge (+1 to AC)

Skill Points: 8

Skills               Total  Ranks  Ability  Class  ACP  Misc
Acrobatics             +8     +1     +4      +3    +0    +0
Disable Device        +11     +1     +4      +3    +0    +3 (+2 Tools, +1 Class)
Knowledge (Dungeon)    +4     +1     +0      +3    +0    +0
Knowledge (Local)      +4     +1     +0      +3    +0    +0
Linguistics            +4     +1     +0      +3    +0    +0
Perception             +7     +1     +3      +3    +0    +0
     Traps             +8     +1     +3      +3    +0    +1 (+1 Class)
Sense Motive           +7     +1     +3      +3    +0    +0
Stealth               +10     +1     +4      +3    +0    +2 (+2 Race)

PP: 00     GP: 01    SP: 07     CP: 04

Equipment                      Cost      Weight

Explorer's Outfit               --       --                   
Studded Leather                 25 gp    20    lb
  Cold Iron Dagger               4 gp     1    lb
  Dagger                         2 gp     1    lb

Backpack                         2 gp     2    lb
  Waterskin                      1 gp     4    lb
  Waterproof Bag                 5 sp     0.5  lb
    Map Making Kit              10 gp     2    lb
  Flint & Steel                  1 gp    --    lb
  Whetstone                      2 cp     1    lb
  Marbles                        1 sp     2    lb

Beltpouch                        1 gp     0.5  lb
  MW Thieves Tools             100 gp     2    lb
  Chalk x10                      1 sp     0    lb
  Twine/String 50' (x4)          4 cp     0    lb
  Fishhook (x5)                  5 sp     0    lb
  Magnet (x2)                    1 gp     1    lb

                         Total Weight:  37     lb
      (Without Backpack) Total Weight:  25.5   lb

            Light  Medium   Heavy    
Max Weight: 0-43   44-86    87-130

Svexyn had been born into a notable house, who had been on the rise in Cauldron. Seventeen years ago, a baby was born. When the birth occurred, only the family physician and a trusted nurse were present. The baby was unmistakeably cursed with fiendish blood, for there were vestigial horns on its head when it came into this world. Small scales on the forearms could also be seen, as the physician and nurse knew not what to do. Suddenly, they were amazed that a second baby, a twin was on its way. The second one had no markings or features to show it had the same fate as the first and a decision was made quickly.

The physician knew that this first child would ruin the family. They were a family now on the cusp of increased reputation and status. This would bring them back down and out of the contention to be one of the notable families of Cauldron. The physicians status was that of which house he was working for. He simply wrapped the first baby in a cloth, handed it to the nurse and guided her to the next empty room.

The nurse was told to take the baby to the servants’ entrance out the back, and dispose of the baby, for it should not live. Not sure on what to do, the nurse did as she was told. The mother was told by the physician that she had a healthy baby, and that she was blessed ;never knowing that she instead had twins. The nurse took the first child to her sister near the center of Cauldron instead of listening to the physician’s warning. Knowing her sister had lost a newborn child not just a few weeks earlier, this might be the chance the child would have to live.

Svexyn grew up in the slums, shunned for his looks and obvious lineage. Constantly having to fend for himself, Svexyn learned early on that he was truly one that had to rely on his own skills. His mother was a seamstress, often sewing for what meager funds she could gather. His aunt frequented at times and offered them what she could spare. He found enough of the leather scraps to even attempt to fashion himself come crude leather armor and a hood, for his horns seemed to draw so much attention. The bullies in this area were always moving in packs of about four or five, so he tended to keep to himself, for it’s easier to hide alone than with others. He found that a moving target was harder to find.

He met a gnome locksmith that often had Svexyn running errands for him. The locksmith saw something different in Svexyn, and this was when Svexyn learned that he had skills to hone. Keygan Ghelve taught Svexyn the fine intricacies of locks, keys and even traps. He even learned to read and write in Gnomish. He helped when there were stuck doors, lost keys, as well as reading mail for those that could not read to the locals that could at least stand his presence for some time.

Now, seeing that his mother was needing more help than ever, for she was getting old, he seeks out any job that would pay enough for his type of skills. He does not know of anything of his true family or that she is not really his mother…


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