Caytis Maggerin

When Dagorae Maggerin met Aedin Qu’cen, their sorcerous magics spoke to one another. He was a human descended of Tarn Linnorm; she an elf whose family had intertwined its line with that of Shaitan. Each had an affinity for acidic magics that left others often cold toward them; caustic powers frighten many who wish to avoid the scars of them. But together, they found solace. They settled down in Sasserine, which provided them both a stable home and the excitement of studying the nearby magical storm known as the Eye of Abednego.

But where their powers and hearts seemed to be in harmony, the birth of their son made it apparent that their child was not. Caytis came into the world with skin covered in minute scales, scales so fine that most see them only as obsidian-colored skin. This combined with his pale hair have long left him confused with a Drow. That he grew into something of a surly child, often complaining of headaches or odd noises no others could hear, earned him few friends.

Despite the obvious physical expressions of his parents’ sorcerous bloodlines, Caytis had a great deal of trouble trying to access the arcane powers within him. Hoping that study might aid him where natural ability could not, his parents sent the boy to the Bluecrater Academy. And while the academy helped him to finally begin harnessing the arcane power that was his heritage, harnessing his temper was another matter entirely, especially with several classmates of especially cruel wits. After one too many altercations with other students—whatever the provocation—Caytis was expelled.

Too ashamed to turn home, Caytis managed to find a job with “Old Man Weer,” at the elixer shop. Weer encouraged him to hone his body as well as his mind, to find a disciplined, martial means of channeling his temper, and so to find the balance that would let him master his blood. With his encouragement, and the acceptance he’s found from the Vapaus and the regulars at The Drunken Morkoth Inn, the young half-elf has started to come into his own.

Caytis has spent his life looking for balance, teetering between multiple worlds: human, elf, dragon, genie, mage, warrior. It’s a perilous quest to manage them all, but he desperately hopes to succeed.

Caytis Maggerin

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