Marcus DeLoup

Marcus was born to Frederic and Melina DuLoup, of Cauldron. They had (foolishly, Marcus now asserts) moved to Cauldron a few years prior, rented a shop with an apartment over it, and his father had set up his previously-successful shoemaking business once again. Times and money were decent then and the neighborhood was fairly average. But when a nasty sickness spread through the streets during Marcus’s fourth summer, Melina caught ill. Frederic ignores business trying to care for his wife, and soon couldn’t afford a healer. Eventually, she died from it.

Since then, his father was depressed, though he still tried to be attentive to the needs of the growing boy. But the shop suffered from his lack of focus and the little family had to become more and more frugal. At fourteen, Marcus lied about his age and got accepted into the city guard’s training program. The money got a little better as he progressed and finally became a full-fledged city guard, albeit a rookie. But it didn’t matter to him. He’d watched as his neighborhood got more run-down over the years, as the thugs and thieves moved in and took over. Now that he was a guard, he would finally have the power and backing to get rid of them. Except for one problem… Plenty of the other guards were bought and paid for by the scum of the street. They didn’t take too kindly to the youngster trying to put their patrons out of business. Finally, when Marcus was trying to get permission for a raid on a particular den of thieves (run by a foul man going by the name of Haig Falk), his superiors had him kicked out of the guard on the basis of “stirring up trouble.” And more trouble came in the form of a few thugs from Haig’s men, attacking and beating Marcus in the street. He fought back against them, never backing down, like a cornered wolf, but there were six against one. It was only stopped when a patrol of guards, including a couple of Marcus’s friends, came by and joined the fray. Two of the six escaped, but the others were taken into custody. Marcus still has a jagged scar above his right eyebrow from the beating.

In the few months since then, times have gotten harder again for Marcus and his father. The same friends who rescued Marcus from the thugs managed to smuggle his former gear to him, which was then supplemented by a little bit of money Marcus had saved for himself. He’s been trying to find work, but his name has been smeared and prospects are difficult to find for a former guardsman.

Marcus is a fairly burly young man, standing a solid 6’3” and weighing around 220 lbs. His features are somewhat rugged and his nose seems a little longer than average. Brown eyes with a hint of yellow look out from beneath his bushy, black eyebrows. A brutal scar is still visible over his right eyebrow, when it isn’t covered by his unruly mop of black hair. He always seems to be sporting thick, dark stubble, even immediately after a shave. His hair has grown long and shaggy (past his shoulders, not quite to shoulder blades), forcing him to regularly tie it back in order to see.
His voice is harsh and rough and he often comes off as surly, even if he doesn’t mean to.

Marcus DeLoup

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