Valinnan Vapaus Campaign Notes

Prelude – The Laughing Monkey

Val, Svexyn, Markus and Caytis are returning to Cauldron with the supply caravan for the Cardinal. Layover at ‘The Laughing Monkey,’ which was attacked by a Fire Beetle swarm. Fought off the swarm and returned to the city, with the addition of Wilbur and Nia.

The Laughing Monkey 50 GP MW Backpack
Potion (CLW)
Return to the Drunken Morkoth 50 GP
Here We Go!

The crew – now including Wilbur and Nia – rescue a young worshiper of Sarenrae from a savage beating. Once the thugs are defeated, a mysterious masked woman appears on the rooftop and informs the crew that they were allowed to effect the rescue. She intimated that she knows Svexyn and Val from previous times . . .

Damn, I keep forgetting to update this! (03.22.2012)

OK, the crew is now investigating the disappearance of some children from a local orphanage. The kids have gone without a trace, taken from a locked room with no signs of break-in. Our investigation took us to the locksmith (Keygan Ghelve), who was being threatened/watched by some Skulks. Killed the Skulks, shamed Keygan into telling us his part. The Skulks have gotten a master key from him and are using it to sneak in and take people from their homes. They’re also using his home/shop as an entryway to the abandoned Gnome city beneath Cauldron.

We’ve gone into the city, where we established mystical bonds with a living guardian of some sort (in the shape of a tree) and discovered that there are Dark Creepers down here in addition to the Skulks.

We’ve come across a note:

Tania -
The elders have ordered the evacuation. Despite their claims of having a handle on the situation, the vanishing has gotten out of control. Five people reported missing just yesterday. I will stay here a few more days to close out the council’s affairs and then meet you at your sister’s place in Cauldron. Please take the children and anything worth saving with you. They are saying this is only a temporary measure, but I assure you….no one is coming back.
With Love,

Question: Could “the vanishing” mentioned in the note be tied to the abduction of the children?

Still Forgetting My Updates . . . (07/21/2012)

Ran into the Dark Creeper Mother (their Leader). Signed a contract with her agreeing to find a cure for the Vanishing as well as to eliminate a foe of her Children in return for safe passage anywhere in her realm other than her personal quarters.

Valinnan Vapaus Campaign Notes

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